Map Maker needed?

I want a custom map for my server and if anyone is willing to do it I can give you my skype and we can talk. Thanks :smiley:

oh its a darkrp server so it needs to be an rp map

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If you need details here you go:

I have a darkrp server that is WWII based and I just need a map. I need someone to edit downtown for me to make it

-more vehicle friendly (EXACT OPPOSITE OF PEOPLE OF GAMING)
-looks like WWII Germany (Hitler posters/statues, buttons look different, just kinda older looking)

I know this will cost. If you are interested say so and I will send you my skype.

This thread might as well be locked, he’s made a request in the Mapping section where it belongs.


And for the future, posting in multiple sections of the forums is only going to get people mad at you. Just pick the most appropriate section and if someone can help you, they will.

ok sorry i didnt know where to post it :confused:

Don’t worry about it, just trying to help.