Map maker needed?

(is this the right place for this?) Hello, I have a darkrp server that is WWII based but the only problem is that I don’t have a good map to go with it. I need somebody who can edit downtown to make it:

  • Car friendly (fun to drive in without sharp turns)
  • More WWII like (close to the People of Gaming map)

I know this will cost. If you are interested I will add you on skype and we can talk a little more. And I hope this is in the right place :confused:

This is the right section for map requests, but you should probably add a lot more information, otherwise mappers won’t be interested. For example, what do you mean by WWII-like?

By WWII I mean downtown_v4c_v2 but with cobblestone for walls instead of cement. Posters of hitler instead of posters of breen. I want the doors to look old and everything to look like it was 1942. Maybe at the default gun store the deposit box looks different and I want everything to look like it was old. Like maybe the roads should be different and the houses are different to make it more like germany 1942

I personally don’t think that most designers have the appropriate material and models for World War II Era and I think you’re going to have to find someone who already has experience in WWII Maps.

I think it has more to do with that most mappers don’t want to make yet another crappy downtown edit just to replace some textures.

I don’t think hes wanting a Re-Texture , I think hes wanting a city similar to downtown_v4c but Themed in the WWII Era

It seems he does.

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All he wants is another downtown edit.

God I hate Downtown

Yes. and also a little more vehicle friendly so people can drive

nobody is going to make another downtown edit

He might find some guy know knows how to open sdk on his server and offer him “admin”

But… this has already been done anyway for the 1942 RP server. It’s also DarkRP too. Basically, this guy wants what’s already been done :v:.

Just try to use that map for you server. I don’t know if it was released for public use or if it’s supposed to be used only on that server, so I’d check to see if you need permission or not.

Yeah. the only thing is that it says “made for people of gaming server” so i cant really put that on my server :confused:

You’d probably have better luck asking nicely for permission to use it rather than asking for a new version to be created.

I know of other maps that say “made for people of gaming server” that are also used on many other public servers.



That doesnt make sene :v: