Map-Making Problems

Hey, sorry for the really dumb question I’m asking, I didn’t know where else to ask, as I’m slightly new to these forums. I had sudden urges to make maps because I had really cool ideas I wanted to get on my desktop before I forgot about them, so I downloaded the Valve Hammer Editor. It starts up fine, yet a dialog box pops up saying,
“No game configurations are available. You must set them up in the Game Configurations tab of the Options dialog box before creating or loading a map.
Do you wish to open the new user’s guide to assist you in configuring Hammer?”
I clicked Yes and it just said, “The help system could not be launched. The following error was returned: The system cannot find the file specified. (0x2).”

So, what do I do? I appreciate anyone who is patient enough read all of this, thanks.

P.S. I got Garry’s Mod from this week’s Steam half-off sale!! I got it for five bucks and I love it! Thanks Garry!

where did you download hammer from?

you should download Source SDK from steam in the “Tools” tab.

I got it from a link from the Gmod website. I’ve already downloaded the Source SDK, yet I didn’t know what it does. Do you know any other good map-makers for Source games? Thanks for replying so fast.

theres not really any other mapping programs, but yeah, just run Source SDK and double click on Hammer Editor.

also, those two boxes at the bottom let you choose which game youre mapping for, for gmod it would be the “HL2 EP1” engine, and “HL2” game. never use the Gmod configuration.

also, save your maps in garrysmod/garrysmod/maps

it automatically defaults to sourcesdk/hl2/mapsrc, never save in there.

I was gonna point you to my tutorial except I’m not done yet. :slight_smile:

Subscribe there and I’ll try to have 1-2 hour every week, which will cover what you need.

Anyways: Go ahead and open the Source SDK and click “Reset Game Configurations”. Hit “Reset” in the box that pops up. Then try Hammer. If that fails, see what Game your on (Not Engine Version, but Game such as Half Life 2: Episode Two, or Team Fortress 2) and run that game atleast once, then restart the sdk and try again.

Yeah, thanks guys, when I got Hammer the first time, there was no configuration or anything. I downloaded the Source SDK and it works great! Thanks for your quick responses.

At Lord Ned - I look forward to your videos, I’ll subscribe tomorrow as Hammer is very confusing to me.

I love Gmod! With all the downloads from, it’s so cool and fun. Especially, for some reason (this is extremely satisfying), spawing off Police NPC’s and getting headshots on 'em. Don’t ask me why it’s so fun, it just is. I used to do that in Portal lol.

Just finished recording another episode. Gonna edit it tonight. :slight_smile: