Map max size?

Just wondering the maximum map size for S&Box/Source2, as well as default LOD distances along with maximum render distance. Garry’s Mod maps are large but annoying in that sometimes you are unable to see the entire map, hope that S&Box allows you to customize these values.

We already have infinite procedural maps. Making large maps takes some work, since you aren’t going to get good performance by just making the size super large. Splitting the map into loadable chunks that can be streamed like most modern large games is the way forward.

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Hmm… I don’t know about splitting maps into chunks, that sometimes ruins continuity in a map. I was mainly worried about flying vehicles not having enough map space to actually do anything on a map. Maybe only rendering a portion of the map at a time would be better? Or, if there was a limit only on map size and be able to set the skybox a lot further out?

Ok, so at the moment, facepunch is working on allowing us to build outside of the default limits in Hammer. This has been easy in some parts, but does take some time to implement. Recently, they added the abillity of props and entities to interact outside of the limits.

One thing that isn’t working is baked lighting; but they’re actively working on that. Dynamic lighting works fully.

What you were saying about chunking ruining continuity, this isn’t true. It’s used all the time in modern games and can basically seen as a performance improvement, games like ARMA 3, Farcry, GTA V, etc all do it. It’s one way to “only render a portion of the map at a time”, but you save even more performance by not having parts of the map loaded at all.

On the more technical side; you may see people start complaining about the limitations of ‘float32’ as a ‘datatype’. Parts of the engine only use a limited amount of data to store a number, and these numbers have to be accurate to have stuff like physics, lighting, etc. There are technical reasons why ‘float32’ is chosen over other formats, like ‘float64’ which is twice as large and means you can have double the map size.

An easy method to get around these is with something called ‘origin rebasing’. You know that to have large maps you put the player in the middle? This is basically shifting the ‘middle’ of the map to the player, every time they reach an edge.

The main thing to keep in mind is that garry really wants us to have large maps with a large number of players (100+). It’ll take time but they’re definitely working on it.


This sounds great! I don’t really know have the technical knowledge to understand what exactly is being said on the specifics, but as long as we can get some big maps I’m game. Thanks for explaining

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So we can still make a map 20/30/40/50km when the game is released? No interference with polygons, or interference with textures, did I understand you correctly?

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It’s cool that the development team is thinking about doing that. I can’t wait to see the final rendering.

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The map size is infinite i believe. Somebody already ported liberty city from gta 3 in s&box and it runs good aswell.

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I believe so, the only thing right now that’s broken is dynamic lighting between “chunks”

Dynamic lighting works fine, just not baked.

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