Map Missing Disconnect Problem


Are you server owner? Are you sure have the workshop/fastdl downloading the maps? Are they the correct map names?

Yes I am the owner, I do not have the workshop files, I downloaded it off of cssbanana and put it in the maps folder. Yes they are the correct map names.

That will happen if you do not have fastDL/workshopDL and the map size is bigger than your sv_maxfilesize ( max 64MB, default 16MB )

Ah I see, thank you for responding and noticing me senpai.
I do have all my maps in FastDL but do not have the WorkshopDLs, you think deleting a portion of the maps will solve the problem.

No. Setting up your FastDL properly will fix the problem.

I did set it up though, I put all my maps in the maps folder.
Got my FastDL link, I typed sv_downloadurl (insert link here) in server.cfg

EDIT: So i’m pretty sure I set it up properly and I look in console when we are switching maps and it says like the map file size is to big or something like that and the max size is 16gb

Send us the link so we can have a look.


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People are also complaining they can’t see the player models and that they are errors.

There is no map called “ba_jail_laser_v4b” on the FastDL. The reason jb_new_summer_v2 works is because it is in fact on the FastDL mirror.

Also, delete the “gamemodes” folder completely, nothing in there will be downloaded.

As for the people that sees the player models as errors, you haven’t forced them to download the models/materials and they are not on the FastDL mirror.

Follow my guide here: (Lots of text for a reason, make sure you read everything and understand it all)

Well I deleted jail laser, after this pic was posted.

Are you sure I delete the gamemodes folder?
I don’t really know you and don’t want to get fucked over.

Also, can you walk me through a tutorial of fixing the player models?

No I am not going to walk you through a tutorial. Search the forum, this has been asked & answered about 100,000 times already.

uh k.
You still really didn’t answer my other question.

The question about you not trusting me? That’s your problem. I guess you have to make a judgement yourself.

He was just helping you.
First thing, delete gamemodes folder, with that everyone can download the gamemode for free, and he’s not.
Second steps, every maps, models, materials you set in your game server have to be in you’re fastDl.
It’s better if you compress everything in BZIP2.
If you have a linux server with your own steamcmd server, you can run this command in your fastdl directory
find . ! -name “.bz2" -a ! -name ".” -type f -exec bzip2 --keep {} ;
I think that’s All.
However you can still watch a tutorial to add materials & models to fastdl on youtuben but svenskunganka explain you everything that you need, that’s your choice to don’t trust him.

What’s the difference between deleting it or not? :rolleyes:

Nothing, it’s useless being there as NOTHING inside that folder will be downloaded.

It’s a pain in the ass trying to help you when you question everything we tell you to do.

Why did you scribble it out on the image then post the link?