[MAP] My new custom map!

Hey guys!

Communication is a key factor when your playing on a team, specially in this game that has no way of identify your teammates and the places where you are.
To fight this, i just made an update on my custom map and decided to share it!

I hope you guys enjoy it!

It would be cool if u would post a screenshots of the rad places linked to they places on map ;p

I like it nice job.

the rad places are in blue

Do not like, too complicated, too many names to remember.
Half of the map is plains while the other half is mountains.
Not many landmarks to base your named areas after.

Not to mention half of the places that had names before are different from what most people have been using.

How do you know which was is North in-game?

There are places that have nothing to do with Settlements that have rad in them you know!

Why is there a zone named Sweden?

Nice job though!

Because it’s in a shape of Sweden?..

The map is great by the way, defo try to use these as call outs whilst playing with other people.
Thanks for the public release.

That’s not the shape of Sweden.

Of course he won’t replicate the exact shape of Sweden, but it’s roughly rounded and in similar angle…

Therefore the shape of it represents “Sweden”, at least the authors shape somehow associates with Sweden.
^ Pro Photoshop skills right there btw…

where you cant go without dying sorry me for being correct

Because of the Sun…

Good map m8 :smiley:

This is awesome. You deserve a medal.

VERY nice man. Now if only you could get people to adopt this ingame.

thanks ^^

Well done monkey