Map naming conventions

Has there been any settled naming conventions for new s&box maps?

Since source 1 maps work in source 2, that means those maps will all be ported over.
I’ve seen others already start prefixing their maps with “sb_”, but that prefix is already used by SpaceBuild maps in gmod.

Should s&box maps be prefixed with “gm_” or is that only for gmod maps?


Garry’s Mod’s “convention” was based on the gamemode. TTT was ttt_, Prop Hunt had ph_ etc. I don’t see why S&box couldn’t grab sb_ or continue with the gamemode based prefix.


it will probably end up taking over “sb_” if more people keep using it
and if new spacebuild maps come for sbox if it gets remade and added they will have to use something else like “spb_” or “sbd_”
since i reckon people will just keep using sb_ for sand box now, which may be unfortunate for original spacebuild maps, but there isnt much we could do about that unfortunately, but we will just have to see what people do though they could end up using something like “snb_” the n being shot for and like fish’n’chips
but who knows


Are we even getting SpaceBuild for S&box?


SpaceBuild is definitely something that’d be cool to see in s&box

Edit: Wasn’t there a SpaceBuild prototype in UE4 s&box?


Could this naming convention be dropped entirely?
Don’t know why it’s still being used instead of just adding the intended gamemode in the map informations.


Exactly, it’s not like the maps are already placed in a different section based on their gamemode (they do)

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I mean it’s not like it’s required or anything as far as we know

I think it’s pretty useful to know just by looking at the filename that it’s meant for your gamemode, like when managing files for your client/server. It’s not the be-all end-all solution but it’s simple and serves a good purpose.

Having a meta file for each of them so that S&box knows what gamemodes it’s good for, the proper name, the author info, time released, etc. would be useful though and make organizing and sharing them a lot easier. This meta information could make server browsing better too.

Would like to have this information cached so anyone can simply code Chat.Say( Maps.GetData("sb_flatgrass", "Author") ) or Maps.Load( Maps.FindByTitle("Flatgrass")[0] ) for consistency across map votes/custom load screens and such.


Small reminder that arrays start at 0 in C# ^^

Other than that, I’d love for that to be done, or maybe put the metadata in the map itself.


Since gamemodes, maps, and possibly addons will be registered in Facepunch’s backend, we are able to have actual metadata fields attached to maps that can be used and filtered by in-game. This will open up the possibility for you to associate your map to multiple gamemodes easly, do versioning, and even betas and the like, all without cluttering the name with prefixes or postfixes.

And if the <organization>.<name> scheme ends up being used, there will also be no problems with name conflicts.

This all depends on FP actually creating these fields to be filled in, of course. For example, I would love for field where you can specify the “base” for a map. For those cases where a mapper has stopped working on a map, and you wanna do a improved version. So in that case, instead of mentioning the original map in the description or naming your version some ugly shit like myorg.op'sorg_mapname_improved you could actually link the 2 and people would be able to find your version when searching for op'sorg.mapname

And as I said before, having systems in place for versioning, beta releases and the like will also be very welcome.

However, in case FP stops supporting the game or goes out of business in the future, this system will need a decentralized fallback. Probably in the form of metadata in the actual files for addons, gamemodes and maps.


file organization, and why not? changing things just to change things is dumb

Kind of, but no. I’m pretty sure it was a demo of local physics.

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You can create folders inside the maps folder, and maps can be placed inside those. The folder becomes part of the file name.

If I put my map “rooftops” inside a folder called “ttt”
the filename would be considered ttt/rooftops


What if a map is developed for several gamemodes?

IMO the most flexible approach is to make path names using pattern organization/name, suitable gamemodes and other information comes in metafile. This also allows anyone to easily make their version of the map just giving another organization name.


This isn’t even Garry’s Mod, it’s just how Source games and mods do it in general.

I feel like changing this is just trying to fix something that isn’t broken. It helps prevent files from overlapping and if the same organization makes the same map near 1:1 for two different gamemodes it helps to have the underscore identifier.

Besides, the dev site had fancy names. Just because a map is sb_spacestation doesn’t mean it can’t be viewed as “Space Station” on the Engine UI.

It’s not like you’re forced to use that convention anyway. Plenty of GMod maps don’t. Just do what you feel like. If people bug on you for using underscores or not, they have a problem.