Map/nav corrupt CSGO. Hopeless. Will pay $$$ for help!

I’ve been torturing myself for the past 5 days trying to find out a solution to this issue. I’m willing to give $20 (or a bit more if you see fit) via PayPal to the first person who finds a solution to my issue. I’ll upload all necessary files below.

Here’s what happened:

  • After sorta screwing up a packing in VIDE (which could just be completely coincidental since I did change some other stuff during that build for my map), my map wont generate a proper nav file/crashes upon loading.

  • Anytime there’s bots, the map generates that pseduo 1kb nav file (and as with all nav_generate’s, restarts the map).

  • Things I’ve tried with no success: copy-pasting vmf content over to new vmf’s. saving it as a different vmf. Transplanting a nav from an older working version. Compiling other projects to make sure it’s not a compiler issue.

  • The failed compile of copy-pasting the content over to a new vmf gave me the impression that there was something corrupt in the vmf’s content itself? The only definitive compiles i’ve had were when I added only 1 player spawn per team. It’d work “perfectly”, but then the next compile when I added more spawn points and whatnot, it’d revert back to the 1kb nav loop.

Here’s the link to the 2 vmf’s (one that worked, the other that didnt work):

Vide corrupts CS:GO maps.

You probably need to set bot_quota to 0 (when selecting teams) then generate nav when there are no bots.

yeah I’ve already learned that I can’t have any bots in the server to generate a proper nav file.

Even when I bot_kick or use bot_quota 0, nav_generate after will still get that split-second pseudo-nav file.

I’m hoping someone can help me “de-corrupt” the map (which I’m not sure is even possible, thus the reward)

Do what you did before and use only 1 spawn for the nav? You can use any nav mesh on any map. It’s all based on coordinates. So generate it on the version of the map that does work, then keep it there for the other versions.

tried that already but the map itself keeps generating that new pseudo 1kb nav :frowning: transplant was failure.

you mean when bots joins it remakes the nav mesh regardless of what’s already there?

put the spawns on the floor


already tried that; I thought it was that as well but regardless of position of spawns, I need all bots to be kicked (and after that, I still can’t generate a proper nav using nav_generate).

eeeehhh I think I might just say “screw it” and kill this project. Too frustrating. Gotta triple save vmfs from here on out. :frowning:

Try it again, I placed them a few units above the floor and it worked.

Looking at your map, I would do this

  1. Create a room for spawns that teleport the players immediately after spawn.
  2. Use the command nav_mark_walkable to mark ungenerated areas.