Map Navigation - Steam Guide

I wrote a guide a bit ago, and its been received fairly well. Just looking for any suggestions on how to improve it.

Guide covers navigation within the game, and identification of areas. I’m considering adding topographic identification and a video tour of the road.

Open to suggestions.

Looks great honestly, it’s nice to have these around to direct the new players to so they don’t spend hours asking questions, as some don’t seem to want to play the game to get an idea of all the layout and everything like so many of us have.

I will say that I have seen quite a few people call Straddletown “Split Town”, and Northern Smokestacks as “Factory”. Not sure if you want to throw those names in there too in case people play on servers where those are more widely referred to as what I mentioned or not, just thought it might help some people.

Well I was hoping to introduce them as a single thing, and never acknowledge anyone else’s names for them, to avoid confusion. But I might write in ‘also known as’.