Map not changing??

Hello, I have a line of code to change the map to the next map in maplist.txt, I have a variable equal to for maplist.txt, then string.explode with
, which puts each map into it’s own table cell. I’m having issues however using that map to change the map. Here’s the console error:

CModelLoader::Map_IsValid:  No such map 'maps/aim_47th_nightoftheshotgun.bsp'
map load failed: aim_47th_nightoftheshotgun not found or invalid

Here’s my code for map changing:

function ChangeMap()
	for k,v in pairs(maplist) do
		if game.GetMap() == v then
			if maplist[k + 1] then
				RunConsoleCommand("map", maplist[k + 1] .. "")
				RunConsoleCommand("map", maplist[1].. "")

I know for a fact that map exists, there’s no typos with it or anything. What could possibly be wrong here?!

Nevermind, figured out that RunConsoleCommand is for clients, I had to use game.ConsoleCommand