Map Objects?

Does anybody know how to get certain map objects into a map? Like a couch or keyboard?

In Hammer I only have ammo as objects.

Ive done it before all i remember is that its an entity and _static at the end means it doesn’t move and _physics at the end means it will move

That’s not what I mean. -.-

How do I get the Models SUCH AS COUCH INTO MY MAP.


You mean content from other games like CSS?

Yeah, or just Half Life-2, like how to get a couch, or a computer in it.

I think that’s what you mean


Entity Tool > prop_static/physics > CTRL+T > World Model > Couch

Yes, that’s what I mean.

Thank you.

prop_static, prop_dynamic, or prop_physics

thats the simple version




Wait… what?

Does the same as alt+enter on a point entity I believe.

Well yea, CTRL+T ties somethign to an entity. Since it’s already an entity it just opens up the properties that it would have opened anyways. You can use alt+enter or double click the item in the 3D window to open properties