Map on hud?

Im making a map for the hud but I have no idea how to draw the map on the hud, I’m guessing some kind of use of cameras but still cant find anything searching for that.

It’s starting to get annoying the amount of threads that you’re creating per day, how many today, 10?
Did you even try to download some scripts from workshop or and see how those work?
Did you even try to see functions in garrysmod that does that?
Did you even try to search more than “map on hud” in google?

Stop creating many threads without REAL intentions on learning and trying to solve something by yourself, i know you’re not the best coder, neither i am, but please, just try…Just mess around and stop asking too much

Well I have been coding the entire day and ran into many issues and only made like 4 threads on the 100 problems i had to solve so I wouldn’t say its that much really.

Thread related: I decided to take a pic of the map from above and use that, way simpler and better for fps. :3

Ask small questions in this thread:

Otherwise, threads should only be created on poorly documented subjects (vphysics), grand questions (optimisation, learning tools), or after you have exhausted all other resources (other addons’ code inspection, wiki).

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You can do that, but now players will have to download it and it’s not dynamic.