Map optimization issues

The map has some outdoor and some indoor. But from a few points in the map the entire map almost is being rendered.

I have areaportals in pretty much every window / door. I can’t set the areaportal windows to be close from a medium distance because there may be snipers on the map.

I’ve pretty much func_detailed everything that should be. Railings, trims, arches, pipes, designs.

I don’t know what else to do, I REALLY don’t want a fog with a z-clip. I’m not great with hint brushes, because the stupid examples they give are always for like a 1 way hallway. This map has multiple entrances from different places.

This map isn’t in final compile, is that the reason? VIS was run in fast mode for testing purposes.

Heres the map being rendered:

Map without wireframe:

Map topview

You could tweak your skybox a bit

Run it on normal and see if it fixes it.

Run on normal, didn’t fix it.

Here are the tall Visleafs

So just fill with a hint so that it isn’t as tall? How tall do I make it? How often?**





Also, the lag only happens in certain areas, generally when it's seeing a large portion of the map (in the mat_wireframe)

Compile log?

I closed the log awhile ago before testing again. It takes a little bit to compile and I don’t have time right now. There’s no leaks so that isn’t a factor.

If I were to cut the visleaf, would it be done like this?



Normally you would want big visleafs for open areas.

You can get the log inside of steam\steamapps\username\sourcesdk_content\game\mapname.log

I have fixed this by cutting the visleafs manually.

Taking skip brushes I textured the top of them as Hint, as to cut the visleafs size shorter so that it wasn’t rendering the entire map from some areas.

Surprised theres no tutorial on this, anywhere. But it sure as hell works.

There are heaps of tutorials on how to use hint and skip textures. It’s also quite self explanatory where to put them once you understand how they work.

Most of the hint tutorials I’ve ever seen deal with hallways and how it goes around a corner, such as the valve wiki.

It doesn’t have what I just explained, cutting visleafs on the top so that they don’t render the map from above.

Put a hint brush over the top.

Looking forward for this map…


Nothing special about it…

I played it, its quite a good map compared to most of the TTT maps out there.