Map optimization.

In a nutshell (or extended) what things do you do to optimize a map?. I have read the websites on mapping theory and such, and I my head began to hurt. I don’t understand any of it.

well, im not so sure myself but some good tips would be to…

  1. Dont overlap any textures or blocks
  2. decrease the lightmap scale on brushes that dont need it.

Continued from above.

3. Nodraw things that WILL NOT BE SEEN
4. Func_Detail things that are complicated gemotry
5. Don’t put a box around the entire map for the sky or to seal it.
6. Use AreaPortals
7. Use Hints.

fixed. decreasing the scale makes it take longer, as there are more, smaller luxels

No no no, you’d want to increase the lightmap scale on brushes that don’t need it but to be honest that’s the least of your worries, It’s usually fine to keep that at 16 on most brushes that don’t have fancy lighting/shadow effects on them.

Read this guide, it helped me considerably:

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