Map Overview (Mini Map)

I was wondering how exactly i would add the mini map function (Like in CSS) To my Garry’s Mod gamemode. Ive already done the procedures listed here but alas this is a tutorial for CSS and not Garrysmod :frowning:

Whenever I needed a map image, I just noclipped wherever I wanted to take it from and used a modification of this. It’s only the clientside part, but if you need help doing the serverside one, too - you should be able to get some help here, too.

Assuming you’ve followed that tutorial you’ve linked and you have a material of the map, you can use a combination of a Dimage and a Scissoring Rect to crop the image.

Just mess around with the size and the crop of the image until you get it how you want it.

I don’t know exactly how you can indicate the player’s position on the map, but I’d suggest trying to find a way to use Player:GetPos() in relation to the x,y position of the map image within the cropped area, and using DrawCircle to represent the player on the map.