Map problems with TTT server.

Alright so, I recently posted here about an issue involving maps with this server. I put my maps into garrysmod/maps then i also posted them on our website. In the server cfg, I posted sv_downloadurl “url goes here”. So everything went fine, the only problem is, is that whenever we joined our default map, which is minecraft_b5 it would download all the other maps along with it. So for example, say im a first time user. I would join it, but it would download all sorts of maps that are already on the server like 67thway,magma etc. And I want it so, it only downloads the map whenever you’re actually going to go on that said map.


Post the link to your FastDL. Also, put sv_downlaod 0 and sv_upload 0 in your server.cfg.

So, we uploaded to this: via ftp

That’s a forum site. Give me the link to the FastDL.

What exactly do you mean? We uploaded the map files there via ftp. We then put sv_downloadurl “

Our server provider is I’m not too sure what you mean. I’m sorry

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Problem is fixed, one more thing though. I posted this on another post. Maybe you would know what to do? here’s the post.

“Hey, I basically had the same problem all is fixed, it’s just i put sv_downloadurl “url here” and i put the map file in my server. The download is going really slow. the map is 67thway. I made a bzip file of the map in the url download and only a bzip one. Do I need to make a bsp and bzip one for the url download and just make a normal bsp for the server?”

Put the normal .bsp file in your server’s map folder. Put the .bz2 on your FastDL. If the download is slow, make sure sv_download is set to 0 in your server.cfg and you aren’t getting any HTML errors.