Map Question

Ive made a map and I want to know, Without making the map larger how to I add more playing ground. Ive added Air Vents, I intend on adding a sewer like structure.
The map is a Small TTT Warehouse. It has 3 Traitor Traps currently, All of them are harmless but make the map balanced and are useful. So I would like to know anyones
Suggestion on what to Add, Ill put up a few screenshots to show. Im not open to entirely new areas such as another room but im open to attachments like sewers, air vents
and the like. Im also open to Visual Additions or Edits.

Traitor Traps:
Lock Vents - Closes vents off allowing a T to escape into the Vents or keep some one inside with them. every 45 seconds its useable.
Knife Spawner - Allows you to get a free knife. every minute its useable. I added this because you need to make Quick kills and through play testing no one was using the vents to kill people then run with the lights off, or use silenced pistols while its dark so this encourages players.
Power Down - Shuts off all the Lights. every minute its useable.

Side Questions:
My blood I put as a Decal on the wall is looking weird and I don’t know why, the 3rd time I compiled the map it happened. Ill post a Pic soon.

WARNING LARGE PICTURES AHEAD. Soz i typed but apparently FP doesnt have that.

My humble little Map. Notice Corner Vent before being Broken.

Now from a Different View.

Now from another View.

The infamous corner vent!

Look sir a Vent!

And another Vent.

Last Vent I promise.

Inside Corner Vent.

Oh no Texture Misalignment I was tinkering with for 30 minutes trying to fix but never did and gave up on. Meh it happens with that kind of metal Irl anyway.

Blood decal has been giving me trouble… (Used info_decal).

Further in the Vent, Looking Up.

Continuing on into the Vent.

Continuing on into the Vent some more.

I lied about not showing you more Vents.

Looking at the Knife Spawner/Hiding Spot in the Vents.

Another Vent.

Jumped out of a Vent after breaking it.

Standing on some boxes.

Behind aforementioned boxes.

Crawling out of Previously mentioned boxes.


More Box Standing.


Large pictures? Most people are on broadband now, not 64k.

It;s a nice map, has a reasonable amount of clutter without being imposing, although the pile of rubble looks odd.

As for what to add.

You could add a little bit of open air outside the door and pull the door up slightly, enough to show there is an outside, but not enough to allow people access. Also, you could add rooms outside of the warehouse, linked to by the airducts. I say this, becuase you don’t want to make the warehouse larger, which is fair enough, its a nice size. I don’t think sewers would really fit in the warehouse, but some offices or a clone of the warehouse next door might.

I dont want to add more rooms either well more rooms the size of the current room. I want it to be a near confined space so if a T is found out 20 people all beat the shit out of him cause he has no where to go except the small areas where he could slowly pick them off if hes good. The map is about having no where to go but everywhere is a hiding spot because you can turn off the lights and lock the entrances to the Vents so you can get away. Mostly on this map Ive been shooting people from vents, get noticed, turn out lights, jump down from another vent and blend in. Ive also been C4’ing alot but they dont always go through since everyone always hears it but not always. I tried using the Filter on Trigger_Multiple but It wont work for what I need, I want it so if a C4 is placed in the map everyone is Notified at the top right using the ttt_text thing, The trigger just wont go so what should i do?

Hvae you been using a filter_damage_type?

Mirror the map for an opposite warehouse (make it different somehow, such as red corrugated walls) and put some small offices in between, then use the half-up roller door + unplayable outside idea to make the map look better.

Sure, it makes the map bigger - but TTT would work fine still.

Yes it would but the point of the map is to be cramped in a warehouse with little extra things like Vents. I’m trying to not stray away from that no matter what.

Derp. I was using the Filter Name on a Trigger_Multiple. Ok i have no idea how to filter entities. I want to filter “ttt_c4” not a named thing-a-majig.

Hopeful Bump.

You shouldn’t bump something if it’s only been 13 hours since the last post. Regardless though, it’s a pretty decent map, but it looks a bit too open in some areas, which means easy targets for traitors to mow down people, or for innocents to catch traitors. Try adding more things to block player view so that doesn’t happen. Also, that knife spawner seems just a bit exploitable for people who know where it is.

Its only spawnable for Traitors, Its supposed to be a Open Area. It works fine.

Still, it removes the need for traitors having to buy knives, and instead they can just have a spawner do it for free. Really though, the map should not be open, even if it’s supposed to be. A TTT map that’s too open just ends up being unbalanced and terrible for gameplay. Corners and tight spaces, as well as places to get away to and hide are things that a TTT should have if it wants to be balanced for both traitors and innocents. Also, in screens 1 and 4, what’s with the pile of rubble/junk? There doesn’t seem to be anything that would cause it being there at all. You should also maybe consider getting a better ceiling texture, because it very visibly tiles.

Anyway, good luck with your map!

I played it with people and it was the most fun Ive had in a while in TTT so idk what your talking about. Its ment for 20 or so players. The spawner can only be used every 60 seconds as well as the traitors cant turn the lights off every 60 seconds. Its ment for quick combat instead of the normal TTT feel.

Edit: Before I edited and i added the thing about the spawner i got 2 dumb ratings… Me having fun is dumb? then I guess ill rate everything on Facepunch dumb from now on.

Your attitude is dumb. You asked for feedback, but refuse to take any of it; most of it’s very reasonable.

You should really go with Brandy’s suggestion. It’s a good idea and would make it so traitors will actually win a round in a full server. From what you’ve stated already, I’m 99% sure traitors get one kill off and then die violently, which is maybe hilarious for the first 3 rounds until you realize you can never win as one. Unless C4.

And fix the texture alignment issues on the walls by clicking on the top (or bottom) brush face, and then in the material editor holding ALT and then right clicking on the other brush face.

Thanks for the Texture Fix, The T are supposed to be Strategic with the lights and the knife spawner, i asked for how i can add more to the map WITHOUT adding more rooms like how I did vents thats not another room.

Not much you can do. Without adding more rooms, you have little chance of expanding the map.

seperate the room with 3-5 horizontal planes. That will give you 3-5 times the floor space! And you can still move around!