Map rejuvenation project.

So to kick start my new account on Facepunch I thought I’d make a thread within the mapping section about an recent idea of mine.
I have a passion for map development and a it’s almost a hobby as I find time flys quite quickly while working on well… map development.

I was recently working on a map for a Garry’s mod community who hired me from ScriptFodder, and while making a cup of tea during a small break I took in-between mapping I thought to myself how much I miss the early days of Gmod 12 and earlier, when there was a decent range of maps actually being used and not just some fucking RP_Downtown bullshit - Not criticising the downtown map cause it’s actually a decent map, but I’m sick of seeing all these amazingly shit edits and the sheer amount of servers using it… Nobody know any other maps the Evocity & Downtown these days.

I’ve personally not played Gmod in over 6 months due to I fell out the loop very quick after Gmod 13 came out which brang a new meaning to cancer, but I still feel that there is a range of maps out there which are old and covered in dust that can still be used and played very well even today since their release long ago tho they may need some work doing to them to add things here and there, fix bugs/errors and maybe abit of optimization.

Here’s where you come in…

I want to under take this project and work on it within my own time I have, but I want people to list maps from Gmod 12 and earlier that they would like to possibly see being played again with Gmod 13, if you can also added what work you think needs to be done to said map to improve it and make it playable again I would be thankful.

If you want to submit a map formally to have me openly look at it as seeing what I can do please follow the format below.

Map name:
Map type(RP, GM, Bhop, and so on):
Theme of map/setting:
Map Creator(If known, so I can credit him/her):
Link to map:
Link to DL for map content(BSP, VMF, Custom content, etc):
Work/Improvements you wish to see and/or reckon is needed:
Addition Information?:

If you just wish to list a map and join in on the thread feel free all input is appreciated.

Have you checked out this thread?

I’ve been meaning to dig through it myself to give me a breath of inspiration, I’ve always found Oskutin’s work rather remarkable. Some of them have been released, need to be fixed, or just simply unfinished.

Wow thanks bud.

I’ve not seen this thread before but just briefly checked it out before heading off to work and just by the sheer amount of maps on there, it looks like there would be at least something for me to try my hand at.

Once again thanks!

No problem! Keep me updated on your work, I’m interested in seeing ways you can resurrect these old maps.

I’ve downloaded a bunch of his maps but their all missing custom textures… tried to de-compile them to and still no luck + He has a tone of custom models so there’s just errors everywhere.

No point in me working on a map with that amount of shit missing.

But still… Thanks.

So his content and model folders that he uploaded didn’t have the stuff for the maps? Oh well, Thanks for letting me know.

Only like a few maps have models and textures but 90% of the textures are just either VMF without the VTF or the VTF without the VMF :confused:

In that case, I’ll keep digging around for some stuff to work on.

Those maps require L4D, L4D2, CSS or EP2 content. Might be your issue?

No. The maps literally are full of custom content.

I have them all and have never had this problem before apart from these maps which are like 90% custom.

I can honestly say I was a massive roleplayer in the early days of GMod, I remember the most common maps back then were:


(And their variants)

I especially loved cargtown, was a fond favourite of mine.

Me and a friend were working on a lakeside remake at one point but we stopped.

This was the remade hotel.[/t]

We’d planned the whole map out and were just building it a section at a time, I had more pictures at one point but we both dropped out of mapping so I can’t find them now.

I don’t really rememeber play rp_lakeside but like if you still have the VMF files and what me to try my hand at it and of course give credit to the original map maker + you two, I’ll do that.

Think you could help re-compile this map for it to have HDR? I have similar maps in mind, but I was doing a pic for it in Source Filmmaker and it came out a bit washed out. Also even with CS:S loaded up, there are still some puple textures on the roads and in the buildings.

Link to the map:

Original look in Gmod:

How it looks in SFM:

Yeah sure I’ll try re-compile it if you have the bsp and/or vmf

I found bsp and/or vmf mediafire download for City Ruins v1. v2 has some additional features that may not be really needed for SFM.


I’ll look into re-compiling it with HDR and all that shit.

I wasn’t good with creating custom content back then, most of the content were from EP2 or from L4D.

Welp… It’s not like I can argue with the map dev himself.

Maybe I just didn’t look at the content correctly and realise it actually was a source games content and that my source SDK just wasn’t picking up that said game… Hence missing textures and models.

My fucking luck… So I opened one of your maps, got the texture tool and checked the name of some textures and well…

It turns out I’ve been running SDK for the last week without CSS, for some reason it’s unmounted itself.

EDIT: I re mounted it and see alot more textures now.

Could you please render this map in HDR? I’d even pay a little if somebody would HDR it.


BSP (with .VMF File and embedded map-materials):!LxdQgTpR!IXk5tFQ2Hs5rDUCiP9AnKsOgtjxXGIsjZC8Go6Ko5BQ