Map request - Beach/island

Hi, if anyone knows of maps similar to these pictures please could you share them? I know this might a a big thing to ask but if you know of any, please share! Thank you :smiley:

This is Barry Island in Wales, UK

Here’s another part of it!

Thanks so much for taking your time!!! :smiley:

As a fan of tropical beach town type environments, I concur that there needs to be more like this. I remember there was a sort of ‘spring break’-esque RP map being worked on a little while back but I dunno what’s happening with it, it’s been a few months since there was any news on it.

Apart from that, here’s a few similar ones that I’ve been using:

The Gmod Tower Lobby 2 map also featured an awesome beach town setting complete with a water park and fancy condos, but after Pixeltail games moved to Tower Unite, they removed the maps from the Gmod workshop. Would love it if someone could bring 'em back in Sandbox form sometime.[]=ric|10|10&f=png

Not exactly what I was looking for but hanks for sharing them! I love gm_abstraction_extended, but GMtower lobby 2 needs to come back!!! I might even email them if they can bring it back, they probably won’t, but you don’t get if you don’t ask right?