Map Request – gm_black with water

This is a request for a new version of the scenebuilding map “gm_black” to be compiled and uploaded either here or on the workshop. A copy of the original map can be found here for reference:

For those not familiar with the map, it is completely dark (no lighting built-in) with no objects or clutter on the map. There is a floor at the bottom of the map that the player can walk on, but the floor is black. The sky/walls of the map are also completely black.

Here is what I would like to see added/changed on the map:

-Make a copy of the original map (similar dimensions anyway), but add a layer of about 15 feet of water over the bottom floor.

-The player should spawn in the center of the map 5-10 feet above the water layer if possible – floating in the air. The player can just hit the “noclip” key after spawning to avoid falling into the water. There should not be any objects/platforms aside from the floor at the bottom and the water layer.

-Also, for the water layer used please post the name/type of water here on the forums. Choose any type of water. I have some knowledge about how to edit the water types/materials, but I need the name of the water type to do so.

How much green you willing to spend for this?

Are you sure you cannot do this yourself? It’s a pretty easy change.

I have very little knowledge of Hammer. I messed around with it about a year ago and found it somewhat obtuse to work with. I’ve long forgotten what little I knew back then. That said, I’m not asking for sympathy from anyone about this.

My intuition led me to believe the request would be a rather simple process for those who are familiar with mapping. Your statement seems to confirm this belief. Therefore, I made the request hoping some benevolent individual might oblige given the minimal time or effort required. Still, I acknowledge I am probably too optimistic or naive hoping for a charitable deed…