Map Request/Job

I’m working on a Halo content Project for Garry’s Mod. Unfortunately we have no mappers, only 3 modelers and a Lua coder (Me). I’ve been thinking about adding at least one map into the pack but I have no idea how to map. I’m willing to pay you for your trouble. Contact me Via steam at “[PFG-TO] AntiSaint” or “1shadow1105”.


Show us some work, and how much will you be paying?

Can you show work from yourself or any of your modellers?

I made a map a while a go, I guess I could edit it a little bit for whatever you need.

Wow something killed this.

So, I guess he doesn’t need it anymore?

Shame, I quite like doing Halo maps :frowning: . Gotta love that geometry.

Sorry I was banned for a bit. Like I said. If your interested then contact me on steam. “1shadow1105” or “[PFG-Dev] AntiSaint”