Map Request; Marshland

Hello all! I’m here to ask a request of a small map, if someone’s seen it, or would be willing to make it, as I possess no skill in Hammer.

The map in question is a Marshland style map, with tall grass in the middle and patches of water. Rocks surrounding it, and lots of trees.
If you would like an example of the map, watch here;

(If someone could port the map directly from Primal Carnage, I’d love them forever)



How big do you need the map to be? How any players does it need to be suitable for? And for which game/gamemode?

It doesn’t have to be large at all, just large enough to have fog.
Players; 1.


I can do a heightmap for it…and a vmf, if somebody else want to pick up the texturing and propping :slight_smile:

Really? Thanks man!

Now just to find someone to do texturing and propping!

Look no further, I’m in.

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So, are there going to be shacks or inorganic structures?

so I’m thinking something like this for the heightmap, the flat area is playable, the mountains is the 3d skybox :slight_smile: