Map Request, or is it?

Help guys, is there a map with lots of water? but it also has land (preferably like Venice


does anyone know of any map like this? it can be a simple map or an elaborate (but I prefer the simpler one) it’s just for testing out my boat creation. It should work with Half life 2 only without missing textures. no episodes or whatsoever. I know it’s hard to find shit like that because almost all are made with counter strike props and objects, but I don’t like counter strike that’s why I dont install it. thanks for reading

PS: If any administrator/moderator doesnt seem to like that this thread is on the wrong part of facepunch, please don’t ban me and warn me first so I may move it to other sections. thank you

How big do you need it, and how much water? Because gm_construct has water, but not a lot.

gm_construct_flatgrass has a lot of land and a pretty large lake.
Here’s a link:

daym. I don’t have HL2:EP2. I guess. I wouldnt use it then. but thanks for your help anyway. :slight_smile: very much appreciated. but anyway. what I was looking for was a map like this:

I think you might like gm_excess_island or gm_excess_waters.

wow. thanks :smiley: it’s the exact copy of it. :smiley:

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thanks but what’s with the watermelon wired with all those contraptions?

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I have flat construct right now and it’s kinda good. it has lots of waters but the one you gave is also good. thanks again