Map request

Hello. I am requesting a map of Gm_construct and bigcity mashed into a map. I don’t like it very huge so it wont be that hard that it will take you about 10 months. what I’m saying is that can anyone just put big city map into the construct map? of course it should be resized. it can be un-noded or noded (although I prefer the latter) thanks for your attention.

  1. You have missed the requests section.
  2. How do you expect the mappers to get the vmf’s of the maps.
  3. You are asking for two completely different maps to be put together, but no real indication as to what it is exactly you want. Consider adding a map or diagram of some kind.
  4. Are you expecting someone to do this for free?

From what I understand, you want us to downscale bigcity and put it into construct, right…?

It’s called an rp map. :slight_smile: just fing one. on

uhm why would you want to merge a build map with an RP map?

bigcity is an rp map? I just flew helicopters around and blew stuff up

I don’t quite understand the request, merging the the two would be odd seeing as bigcity does have building space.

I think he just wants us to put plenty of buildings around gm_construct.

If that’s the case, then just go into the 3D skybox, and place blahblahblah_skybox.mdl in there.