Map Requests - To Cure Shark's Boredom.

Hello, I am a mapper looking for some map requests to give me something to do on my downtime. Which I have a lot, maybe some ideas would help me a bit.

I am a decent mapper that likes to experiment. Here’s some of my maps so it gives you a figure on where my skills are at. Maybe doing more will make them increase.
Here you go.

I only have two published ones but I have worked on alot that I have never published, due to me keeping it to myself to test physics and do other sh*t.

And one simple public model of a sharpie marker. xD
Sharpie Marker Pack

Post Away.

You messed up the URLs :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi there,

Would it be possible for you to make a SFM map of a tropical bay? Some details:

  1. Bay is north facing
  2. For most of the bay, there is a beach, and some surrounding jungle.
  3. On the west side, there is a peninsula of rocks, which would be big enough to put a shipwreck on at the end (NOTE. no need to add the shipwreck).

Something in the vein of pl_jungle would be great:

I would really appreciate it, and you will get full credit, of course.

I was digging around the Workshop hoping for some ideas for a SFM project I had in mind. I came across this take on gm_construct, and it’s wonderful.

I was hoping that someone here in there spare time could make one city and one small town map reminiscent to action films such as The Avengers, Godzilla, Dark Knight Rises final showdown, and Bayformer fights in the cities and bring these maps to SFM. Along with that, let there be “aftermath” versions of these two maps with destroyed buildings, fire in some parts, debris on the streets, that sort of thing along with a night version. I’ve been odd to opt out Bigcity IMO since it’s got one medium area with nothing while the rest is just small spaces with buildings in between. I’m hoping someone could make a good map to be used in some good action SFM videos. :smiley:

Lol. Forgive me for my stupidity.

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Ill take a look. But this might take some time.

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Is there a special format for SFM because I don’t know anything about it nor messed with it.

Dunno if you’d be interested in a simple job of map tweaking, but there’s this one area from a L4D campaign called One 4 Nine, specifically the finale map and its alien tomb, that I’ve really wanted to see become more GMod-friendly.[/thumb]

You can find downloads for L4D1 & L4D2 versions of the campaign here. I suggest using the latest versions here, as there was a recent overhaul on Workshop and L4DMaps that changed the finale map that this area is in to be somewhat different in a way I felt hurt the look aesthetically.

No problem, take all the time you need.

SFM maps are in the BSP format.

Your correct, they are a “.BSP” format but a specific type of .bsp file is needed to make the map work in SourceFilmMaker. You can’t use Source SDK hammer and expect it to work in SFM immediately, you will get HDR errors. You need to render an SFM file in the hammer inside the bin of SFM. That or right click SFM in the tools part of Steam and click “Open SDK” to open the control panel of SFM, then simply choose Hammer (Note: Make sure “usermod” is selected below on the bottom bar.) You will also need to port over custom models and textures of your own, or other source games.

Hm, Ill see if I can make it work.

Cool. I can’t wait to see what you can do with my request.

Yeah. Ill unpack it and take out anything to make it a gmod map.

I’ve always wanted an accurate map of the White House

Hell I’ll even take a map of the Capital Building if I can use it to lampoon modern politics!