Map Reset & Get Rid of the Guns

First of all, new players have absolutely no chance of survival. People with M4s and kevlar swarm air drops and areas with resources. No pigs spawn, so there’s no chance of them getting food unless they manage to kill wolves/zombies with their rock. Even players who have dedicated 24+ hours to the game can’t get shit because of the people with tons of heavy weapons and supplies. So, if you want to get more people to buy the game, to play it, to contribute to the development, then do something about the terribly unbalanced world of Rust. Reset the servers and remove the big guns (for now) or make them extremely rare in airdrops.

I have dedicated 24+ hours of my time to the game and I have a massive tower fortress that looms over the valley below, and I started from scratch.

The game is hard, sorry bro. If you don’t like it you need to quit. Or get better. I started from scratch and got a house without dying once… I have done this multiple times because of the wipes. Not hard bro.

New players do have a chance of survival. New players shouldn’t be going to the air drops anyway. People with any kind of clothing or weapon will kill you. Why would they go through the effort to get to the drop, then not kill a bambi trying to loot the drop? Also, there are plenty of pigs and deer to kill. If you have 24+ hours and still can’t get shit you’re doing something wrong. Find a group, get some friends to play with…

Okay. You did it multiple times because of wipes. Meaning you got to start when everyone else did.

I didn’t mean new players going to air drops, I meant players with shotguns and leather armor that can’t progress because they can’t get anything from drops. There are not plenty of pigs to kill and deer suck. Also, I have a group.

It is harder that way, actually. I usually wait. I am not one who likes to have bambi fights for wood piles. Plus, they aren’t gonna wipe the server just so YOU can get started, I have had the game for multiple wipes… I have experience maybe 11. I didn’t get started the same time as everyone else every time. The game is difficult but if you play smart you can do better than that.

There are plenty of ways to get up and running while alone or with a fresh group. Sounds to me that your just bad at the game. there are ways to do rad runs with nothing there are animal spawns all over the place and resource nodes are at an even spawn rate. If you add more animal spawns then the fight fro that resource becomes invalid this is a game about survival of the fittest. If you have to go off in some obscure place to survive while you get on your feet so be it.

exactly, this game isn’t easy. People need to quit begging to make it easier… I like the way it is.

My entire group is on their feet. That’s not the problem. The problem is that there is no way to progress after you get through the basics.’

And you probably hacked and got tons of shit already.

Yeah, exactly. You aren’t a new player so you don’t have the right to talk. There’s a difference between experiencing server wipes and being a new player. The server wipes are temporary fixes. Getting rid of stupid shit like M4s are permanent fixes.

Wow, lol you are retarded. I was a new player once. I got started. Really? i am a hacker? Dude you are probably one of those 12 year old kids that everytime they get killed they scream and yell, “HACKER”
Learn to play the game and quit being a baby and quit accusing me of hacking when you don’t even know me. You act like that and you will get nowhere.

You were a new player once. When the game came out or around then I’m assuming?

Yah, around then. Either way. I was new once. I started out just like you did. you need to quit complaining. Quit being a baby bitch and learn to play instead of begging for a wipe because you can’t get started. That isn’t how this game works. Maybe when Custom servers come out you can play by yourself and it won’t be so hard. Or you can go play PvE.

You didn’t start out just like I didn’t because there weren’t a bunch of guys running around the map with M4s playing this game as if it were Counter Strike.

Yes there was. There were only two servers. So there was around a 100 on each just like now. Stop complaining dude. Oh, and guns aren’t going to be removed. This isn’t, “My Little Pony”

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Please lock this thread, This kid’s stupidity has reached maximum capacity.

You want this thread to be locked because you keep saying the same thing over and over again and I keep proving you wrong.

I didn’t say that the problem is that there are around 100 people. I said that the problem is that a lot of people have crazy stuff like M4s. This is supposed to be a game of survival, not a game of Hitler’s minions killing a bunch of naked jews. I’m sorry if that sounds harsh, but that’s what the game is now. You just want to keep your precious guns, explosives and other shit. You obviously don’t care about the growth and future of the game.

That comparison had no room in here,hope you get banned.

I am saying the same stuff because you are missing the point. There are around 100 people on each server now… Most have guns. I experienced the same thing as I started and did fine. You need to learn to play the game, and references like those aren’t allowed that is quite fucked up man. Maybe you just shouldn’t play this game.

Buys an key for a game in alpha. Complains about it being unbalanced. Gets nailed by some dude with an M4 whom probably has put plenty of hours in the game to reap that reward. “Fucken M4! OP piece of shit game… remove that or ban the hacker atleast”…

I’m sorry but really? Maybe if you get your mom to phone Garry he’l remove the M4s for you :wink:

LOL! wtf

I bought the game yesterday afternoon. Expended some lives figuring out how to play, I was nailed by M4 players several times, got eaten by zombies, wolves and bears, and died by radiation once.
By the night, I already had a small house with metal door, all sort of furniture needed to survive (furnace, workbench…), a handgun with plenty of 9mm ammo, pick axe and metal hatchet, and some other useful things.

This morning that server was down, so I had to start again from scratch. By now I have a similar safe house, with all furniture again, and blueprints of:
P250 9mm
Hand nades
Shutgun shells
5,56mm ammo
Explosive charges
Kevlar and antiRAD suits
Small and large medikit.
Gun flashlight
Gun laser
Holographic sight
And a lot of more things I can’t remember now.

So, the game is OK, or even a little easy maybe…
Seems this is a big PEBKAC.

If you want a hint, make a hunting bow and a lot of arrows. U can do it from the begining without much effort, and it’s REALLY REALLY useful to:
Hunt animals without risk of being attacked (bears need 4 arrows to die, wolves 2)
Kill zombies without noise and from distance. Very low risk of being beaten.

Try it, but don’t blame others for your ineptitude.

Vinylrain for example i just startet today agein doesent dyed a single time and already got pistols bows and a small house ( i dont realy play at the moment so it will despawn anyway)
And ok i am a experianced played
But i startet after they started to sell keys
a good bit after they startet so the 1 time i played and the first guys i meet where a 5 player group armed with kevlar and m4s I readed a bit and played
The next day i got m4 and other stuff myself and was at the points where i startet going to airdrops and thinking i will get something
at the end i stoped playing because the game is to easy for me
and now you want to tell me its impossible?