Map rotation / votemap addon

I have been trying to fix up the old UMaps for ulib to absolutely no avail so I thought I would try a different tactic.
(Its for sandbox)
Are there ANY map rotation addons left for gmod13? UMaps was great because it gave you a nice clear warning in the middle of your screen telling you “2 minutes untill map change”.
There has got to be something like this for gmod 13, it seems like a staple addon for any server, yet hours of googling later and Iv not turned up one yet.

Anyone know of one or someone what is willing to write the first one?

Its been a week, I think a “bump” is in order.

Not one map rotation plugin? really?

i’ll make one if i ever get the time.

That would be Fantastic if you could! if its alright, may I make a quick “sketch” to show what I was thinking? Its alright if not.

edit: heres what I was thinking anyway.