Map Size Change

When are they going to change the maps to be bigger. That is the only thing that I find bad about this game. Or are they going to do nothing about it and let their users down?

As soon as Garry decides to simply change “smallMaps” from “true” to “false”, its really as easy as you would expect. Nevermind map optimization or engine limits, that doesn’t matter.

Get over it


do you mean the total map size that garry’s mod can support? if so read Exho’s reply

if you literally mean the size of maps you’re playing is too small, maybe try playing some bigger maps? if there aren’t bigger maps maybe go figure that there must be a reason why no bigger maps are being made

I’m going to go ahead and assume you have no idea how anything involving the game’s engine works and that your favorite game is GTA V.

The source engine is a decade old engine and it still has most of the limitations from when it was made when it comes to garry’s mod. It’s not a matter of someone snapping their fingers or flipping a switch and making all map limits disappear.

Not sure why it’s so hard to understand that game designers and coders aren’t part of a pantheon of code gods and can create anything they want at will with a flick of the wrist.

Its a limit in the source engine and your last part just makes me cringe so hard

But don’t forget - unless the code gods make it perfect, all their users will be let down. /s

If Facepunch produces a new game with similar functionality to gmod, I’m sure they will choose larger map sizes as a feature of that.

It depends on what kind of map you are thinking about and the limit of the source engine.