Map size limit to be rised!

I am playing spacebuild recently and I’m not satisfied enough with current map.

Map size limit of 32 thousand is too low for playing SB with 4 planets.

Let’s vote and Garry might take it into his consideration :smiley:

Yea, it’s a great idea. It can move whole SB to another dimension!

I thought this thread would be Valve announcing that the hammer grid was going to be bigger with the release of Portal 2 or something :frowning:

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Also Garry can’t do this, Valve needs to.

It’s either impossible or ridiculously hard to do, the source engine has its limits. If garry could change it then he would probably have already done it.

There have been so many threads like this asking the same thing, and the general result has been “no, you can’t do it.”

I’m sure everyone would LIKE it to be bigger, but it probably can’t be done.Which is why it hasn’t been done.

Yeah, i am strongly pro this! I wanna play big SB maps!!! oneone

Now we can make flatgrass the size of a fucking LARGER Hammer grid. And all the new maps from “professionals” with releases like “gm_bigflatgrass_v5_alpha_redux” and shit. But on the other side it’s good.

In order for this to work, the mapper would need to use custom compile tools, tweak the grid manually, and it would just be stupid. Though nice, it will probably lag a lot more.

I just changed size of the grid in top of base.fgd and I compiled VBSP with different settings and it worked but game is throwing error about limits.

This is a Mapping thing, garry can’t mess with the SDK

No, hammer works, maps compile but GMOD doesn’t support that big maps.

So you’re saying 1024000000 source units isn’t enough? Just use multiple layers.

That would require some serious modification to the Source engine’s base code, it’s not a matter of simply increasing the number.

1073741824 units squared if you want to be specyfic. 35184372088832 units cubed if I will use layers.
And yes, 32768x32768x32768 is not enough for space build.

I am just hoping It is not, I heard that only one file (worldsize.h I think) needs modyfications.

You can just shrink the players with Lua to have an illusion that everything is bigger.

You can have 32768x32768x10900 and have plenty of space.

Just teleport shit when it goes over the boundry.

[lua]//========= Copyright © 1996-2005, Valve Corporation, All rights reserved. ============//
// Purpose:
// NoKeywords:
// worldsize.h – extent of world and resolution/size of coordinate messages used in engine

#pragma once

// These definitions must match the coordinate message sizes in coordsize.h

// Following values should be +16384, -16384, +15/16, -15/16
#define MAX_COORD_INTEGER (16384)
#define MAX_COORD_FRACTION (1.0-(1.0/16.0))
#define MIN_COORD_FRACTION (-1.0+(1.0/16.0))

#define MAX_COORD_FLOAT (16384.0f)

// Width of the coord system, which is TOO BIG to send as a client/server coordinate value

// Maximum traceable distance ( assumes cubic world and trace from one corner to opposite )
// COORD_EXTENT * sqrt(3)
#define MAX_TRACE_LENGTH ( 1.732050807569 * COORD_EXTENT )

// This value is the LONGEST possible range (limited by max valid coordinate number, not 2x)

#define ASSERT_COORD( v ) Assert( (v.x>=MIN_COORD_INTEGER2) && (v.x<=MAX_COORD_INTEGER2) &&

#endif // WORLDSIZE_H[/lua]

Sorry, not going to work.

Let’s say I resize them to 0.25 of current size, what about whole model packs? Visual model isn’t the problem but physics?

You can change physics too.

Edit: Just remembered about some module! (It was crashing form what I remember) Can you point it to me?

gm_queryphys or

Entity.SetCollisionBounds - This will not resize models, only give new collision box.

gm_queryphys - no idea how to use it.