Map Size

Guys, we already know that the official map is much larger than the current (16km), but how many miles do you think would be enough for the official map?

Personally, I’d like to see the official map 2-3x larger than what we currently have. With the amount of people server owners are allowing - it only make sense.

Maybe have a variable option where the amount of available space is limited by the number of players you allow?

Who knows.

I do not know if this would work because the map would have to grow according to the amount of players that were logging … I think it’s complicated.
Maybe they can do this …

Sounds difficult, but not completely. Predefined code determines the variables, server renders environmental borders accordingly.

Uhm… if the map size is going to change depending on the amount of players… What if I built a home when there was 90 players on, and then 50% of them quits the server… How would I be able to reach my home? :smiley:

Based on this threads theory, it would be dependent on server size, not amount of players, I’d imagine.