Map smaller

Anyone else think the map needs to be bigger again? Ever since this wipe I’ve been struggling to get a base up becuase of the smaller map everyone is right next to each other



i like it for pvp, but the fps is terrible… it should be bigger maybe not as big as before but bigger than now

You can change the size of maps easily enough if you are running your own server. I ran with the new size, as an experiment. While it was fun if you got in early, new players and late comers were often raided before they could even finish their builds. So for us, I will be switching back to a slightly larger map to allow players a ‘grace’ period with more space to hide in.

Late comers will always be raided sooner tho. I think 3k is a bit small tho, 3500 would be better. I also feel the maps are just too plain compared to a few months ago

Agreed. I remember the very early maps, they were quite fun in terms of landmass, with large offshore islands and wide rivers that span the whole thing. Now they all look like someone sneezed on a window.

I hate the new default smaller map size, but I am also aware that there are many that love it. I much preferred the old 4K default size, where solo players could lurk in the shadows and come out when the coast was clear. Now I can’t find animals anywhere because they’re over-farmed, and I get sniped within 30 seconds of leaving my base. Monuments are just camped by groups, and game play has really suffered, imho.

The biggest problem is the performance. There are too much buildings. When i enter an area with much buildings i get fps drops to 20fps. I have a GTX 970 and i think thats not the problem. I tried the lowest settings and 600*480 resolution and it was not better.

I’ve personally not had an issue to be honest…

Server was Facepunch Frankfurt with 200 players. Its a issue on high pop server maybe.

I would like to see an option to sort servers based on map size in km² and player density (Population/Area). It would become obvious quickly what’s the favorite map size of players for devs.

Moved to a 4k Community server and couldn’t be happier. Take a look at the pop on SLC1 right now…27/200. Last month there was 113/200 people on at the same time. Between the smaller maps and hackers official servers pretty much suck.

Id say this would be a problem with either your computer or more likely the server.

yeah i agree map is way too small . landmarks are to close, now its packed up with many bases around like waterworld lol

I think the map shrink would have gone over better if it came with a BP wipe. People didn’t want to change servers because barrel bashing is boring but the same number of people on a map roughly half the size equals roughly twice the density. Hence all the complaints about over crowding.

If it were easier for people to justify a server change (ie. BP wipe) then a lot of folk could have just moved to any number of currently unpopulated servers.

Obviously a BP wipe this close to the xp system is also an issue.

I personally greatly prefer the smaller map, but I’m currently a solo player and I’m sure it’s less ideal for groups.