Map soundscape issue

I’m not here to rip on the most recent garrysmod update, but I’m here to state and provide evidence for the existence of a very annoying bug. I know I’m not the only one who’s noticed this as it occurs on a dedicated server, a listen server and a singleplayer server. Also, I know for a straight fact that this was not an issue before the last update and the map I’ve recorded on used to worked fine in regards to this issue. I apologize if this has already been addressed, but I could not find any recent threads or really anything pertaining to it.

Now on to the point, the bug is that on certain maps, all of the sounds that used to play throughout certain points of the map are now clumped into one location and, setting a character to “spectator mode” will make all of those sounds play for that character aswell, making spectator mode useless.

This is a video I captured on a listen server. Ignore the fact that I’m running my custom gamemode as this bug happens even on sandbox and is in no way gamemode or addon related. I simply recorded this at low quality because the video isn’t as important as the audio.

So, is anyone else getting this on their servers or anyone know of a fix?

The ambient_generic bug is already fixed for next update of GMod.

Ah okay, sorry to bring it up then. I found the thread for it on the Github issues, I didn’t realize it had anything to do with the ambient_generic entity as I’m not much of a mapper, so I never tried searching anything related to that. Thanks for the quick reply and keep up the good work.