Map stealer

So I recently made a map called GM_construct2010 not very good but im a beginner.

So I wasn’t getting much downloads at first but then this guys stole my map.

This guy called Vexification seems to steal peoples files by downloading them and making them his own. Now here is proof that this is actually mine: This is the map I uploaded to FPSBanana and as you can see it was added before the guy posted it to so I’m kind of annoyed for this guy to be stealing my map. Maybe you can do something about it? I’m kinda annoyed that there is no way of me to contact this guy but only through making this thread asking for help with this guy as he is getting more downloads and getting credit for the map I made!

That is really annoying… I would be so pissed. What could I do to help?

Accuse him of witchcraft

You pretty much cant do anything about.

why would anyone want to steal a beginners map? no offense.

Contacting a mod or something usualy solves these problems

Tell a mod or something, but make sure you have enough evidence does not have moderators.

Which is why we see pointless bullshit on the front page every day.

It’s not pointless this thread was pretty much made for a mod to see… And I do have enough evidence as this asshole is stealing my images off FPSBanana and the map