Map stuck at "Portal Flow 9..."

It’s pissing me off…i’ve waited 10 minutes and it’s still at Portal Flow…is there anything wrong? Anything I can to fix this?

Well, either it crashed, or it just takes a long time. Generally 9 takes the longest.

Portal flow can take up to four hours.
When it will finish at all.

Wow…then is there a way I can compile a map and do other things at the same time? Like internet or play a game?

No, not on vista, if you even move your mouse to another part of the Hammer grid, say goodbye.

There is a command line parameter you can set to run before you run the compiler so it spends less resources on it. I will find it.

I am pretty sure if you just put “-low” in the additional game parameters box, it will do it.

Try applying No draw textures or Func_detail some objects. Or set “Run VIS” to fast before compiling. But only do that when play testing.

I tried the Run Vis - Fast, but that didn’t work…it’s crashing, and I do not know why. I didn’t crash before…I added 2 lights, then BLAM all of a sudden, it crashes during Portal Flow.

Only 10 mins for portal flow?

Be patient, chances are it hasn’t crashed. Just read a book while you wait.

Or get a better computer? the way i do it is i have the net open say at facepunch, compile, then just browse while waiting.

how big is your map? as in grid size

also do what simzboy said, for any thing that doesn’t block the players view directly, any wall detail like a truss support or any kind of detail like that, especially any small brushes.

another thing it might be, and also the reason for my previous question, is that if it is a rather big map with large open spaces, place a nodraw brush/es to fill the void, and tie it to a func_viscluster.

No no no.
That box doesn’t work like that. The “Additional game parameters” box at the bottom of the normal compile screen applies those parameters to the game that is run after the map finishes compiling. It has the same effect as opening up the game and typing those commands into the console. -low will make no sense to it and be ignored. You must use the expert compile tools to add additional parameters.

func_viscluster (basically it’s a manual VVIS) brush entity is the answer.

It’s extremely useful when used correctly, and nightmare when used wrong.

You don’t need to worry if it freezes, it’s still working in the background. Go off and do something else while it’s working.
If it is taking hours to compile it’s probably a bad thing. Best way to cut down on compile times is to optimise your map better.

  • Make sure you’ve used func_detail on anything that isn’t blocking visibility or on complex geometry.
  • Never use a hollow-box skybox around your whole map, this royally fucks up VVIS and will make compile times much longer. Instead make multiple brushes textured with the skybox texture that seal up your map from the void.

You should optomise your map, bigger maps like one of the episode 2 outlands maps took valve about 10 minutes to compile THE MAP. (I’ve recompiled them before when editing and it took 10 minutes).


That’s amazing

Yea…after optimizing a bit, it took only 5 minutes. It’s not that big as well.

If your map takes 4 hours just to VIS, then you built it wrong. You can make maps stretching from one side of the grid to the other and have VIS take less than 10 minutes to complete with proper optimization.

GiGaBiTe is right, optimization is the name of the game

Post some hammer pictures and we can see what you have done

I’ll just leave that there.