Map Suggestion

Since the new map came out its been harder to find people/friends as soon as i join a good server i try to meet up with friends it takes about a hour /30 mins if were lucky then once you do have a group its so hard to find other people too kill ill go around the map for atleast an hour and maybe find one person or perhaps you do get lucky and find a group to kill . so im thinking either make the map smaller and let it be randomized or just make it where the map doesnt get randomized so we can memorize the map this way there can be more action like old rust.

If you join the community servers with the pluton mod, you and your friends can teleport to eachother.

I found this diagram of a rust player being provided with teleportation to find his friends. see link.

There are usually Landmarks or Mountains that can be seen from right across most of the map.

Use these, along with the terrain type you are in, to pick somewhere to meet up. It really shouldn’t take that long to find each other

This. Plus establish direction using the sun.

Thought i would add this after reading about it on the new Community Devblog
The first link is to the FIRST ever made map of an Experimental Server Seed.
The second is his story.

It’s not easy to make from the sounds of it and the guy really did a lot of work, heres a taste…

**I compiled pluton from source and patched my dedicated server. I wrote a teleport script for pluton with some commands to send me up into the air. 2000m is the limit before you die instantly, i found i needed 9 different x,y coords to get a workable set of screenshots. (2000,2000,2000) thru (-2000,2000,-2000) is what i used. I took a worldview from 5000m/ft/whatever, but as you die instantly it is not very useful, with the fading out and ‘you have died’ text. I opened the worldview in photoshop, made a 5000x5000 canvas and put all my screenshots into it.

I used the distort transformation to match the hd screens to the low res world view as best i could, which was surprisingly accurate. I added an exposure filter to tweak the colours, then applied layer masks to all screenshots so i could feather the edges and remove the gui from the screens. I then spent all night cutting the water out because its high reflectivity was a huge eyesore. I spent the whole time thinking it would be quicker to go back in and turn reflections off. I tried this just before, it doesnt work.

I then replaced the water with a custom water layer and added some outer glow (black) to the land to make it look better (imho)**