Map Suggestions

Hello all,

I am looking for maps to use on the server. Please suggest some maps and post some links so I can download them.

So far I have the following maps:

rpw_downtown_v2 (My favourite)

What about RP_HomeTown2000? In my opinion, that map is just perfect and won’t lower your framerate.

The fuck it won’t. I ran that map on cakescript and my FPS went from 100 on other maps like c18 to like 20 on hometown.

Fuck yes I see csc on that list. I hope people can use props, cause that version is quite empty.

I wasn’t going to add some of these as I thought you wouldn’t want them due to various reasons (mostly, lack of living space for many players, or it has a gunshop that can spawn guns), but I’ll just give you a list anyway:
CscDesert - Night, has an amazing skybox
Evocity1 - Night
OmgCity - Has gunshop
Duncity - Has gunshop, forgot if it spawned guns, assuming it does
Cityx - Decent map, pretty large, bigger than omgcity if I remember, has shite lighting in alot of places though
SilentHill - Has gunshop
Stalkerredux - Probably too big of an area

Rp_oviscity is probably the best candidate there, it’s not too big, not too small, has a shop with ready made props, the props that you need for roleplay. Has a good police department and a nice few hideaways for criminals.

rp_c18_v1,rp_city8, and rp_city8_district9 aren’t good maps for this kind of server. They were meant for HL2RP and have certain doors and sections that aren’t suitable for real life roleplay.

Try the new version of oviscity, gmc5


Try that one if your computer can handle it. Requires EP2 though. A sunnier v2 is on the way. Nobody mentioned it but you all mentioned the old ones. It is rather large but offers a lot of variety.

Also comes with a small car pack that has now grown to 30 cars (new cars not released yet). If sounds don’t work get Gmow.

SilentHill is a great map. A bit spooky for a Real life RP. Maybe for a zombie variant though.

I agree with you on the Half-Life 2 themed maps, this is RLRP is it not. Also, that Oviscity is a fake.

Maybe you could try Rp_Townsend, its a new map and looks quite good, if not that visually spectacular.

It’s dated. I went back and played it a few days ago. Realized how many stupid mistakes I made. I may eventually redo it again for the 4th time. Some of it is fine like the houses but the ones back in the trailerpark need work.

I don’t see any changes from gmc4, or at least the creator hasn’t outlined any…

And the comments are full of claims of fraud and forgery.

gmc4 please.

I’d go with OvisCity or EvoCity1.

RP_Townsend has great brushwork, but I don’t like its optimization. It’ll kill the whole server.

Hometown 1999, townsend

townsend is horrible in my opinion.

I played on it for the first time in a “Role-play” environment today, to see what it was like. Unfortunately it was on the worst kind of DarkRP server, 2 12 year old admins making a roller coaster, and occasionly some idiot trying to blow everyone up with barrels.

But the map its self seemed rather good, and the only downside (No police station), could easily be solved with the empty office space. I think its seems the perfect candidate to use, a good size, no mingable stuff, quite “light hearted” and a new map which isn’t overused and boring.

Replace rpw_downtown_v2 with rpw_downtown_v3 and the list is better :v:

Very much agreed.

I just tried Townsend and I enjoyed it very much.

I’d vote Evo2, only because I can run it fine though :slight_smile:

Don’t use rp salvation. The map is completley unsuitable for modern roleplay.