Map system?

Personally I think this game cries for a map system. Constantly do I have problems to located myself and my base. Meeting up with my friends, finding my base after a long day of hunting, and raiding become a hassle.
What are your opinions on a map system?

Getting lost is part of the fun. Play long enough and this stops happening

Yeah after you run around and die horrifically several times you learn the map sorta. plus has a nice map to view in a browser

Problem is there are times where I don’t know my current location. So at times i find it hard to travel somewhere since I don’t know my own bearings.

When i first started i used the roads direction vs the sun to find out where i was on

i dont think we need a map, but if they do put one in, it needs to be super simple, like a handrawn map or something.

Hand drawn maps? Sure. In game map that tells you where you are? No

We don’t need that part of the fun in this game is learning the map.

Just a tip: the road goes in a weird circle So you should build your base in accordance to the location of the road

I don’t think they should ever put a map in. Part of keeping a base safe is making it in a location that is hard to find. I don’t need a map making it any easier.

I think proper landmarks, the ability to draw with a pencil on a static map in-game and the addition of a compass would work really nicely.

Basic triangulation using a compass and a map is super easy to learn and is a mechanic that I think would benefit this game in particular.

As a noob to the game, I am finding navigation the hardest.
I have gone kamikaze today around the road in order to see the structures and learn them as landmarks.
The issue I am having is the current location. I die so much that the respawn puts me into areas that I have no clue where it is at on rustmaps.
I have been using the ocean as a reference point as well as resource areas. In essence, if I see no animals…go back. At the same time, when the sun is directly above you, it is very difficult to navigate.
As well, I have been training to get into cover at dusk which also tends to lead me into trouble as I wonder to far off of being able to return.
The other issue is that the “landmarks” I have been using are replicated at points on the map, this is very frustrating and does not make it better.
At this point, I am not for putting in for a map system;however, I do believe it is important to make distinct landmarks that are easily recognizable to players.

took me about 75 hours of gameplay to learn the map, isnt hard. i dont think a map is needed, only a sense of direction

Map should be craftable out of leather or something
A survival game without map Is quite weird

My sense of direction is unquestionable… Irl that is… In rust I sometimes have no idea where I’m going or came from and I end up committing suicide to get home.
I would love a simple map with crude drawings just to get a sense of direction in the game… It shouldn’t be very precise and there shouldn’t be any locations of houses etc on it. But just a crude terrain and you location to allow you to get home…

please, Rust is already perfect without a map.

Sun and moon ALWAYS go up in the east and set in the west. Large mountains are to the north.

If you cant navigate using this, you cant navigate and need to learn to do so to stop getting lost.

Play a game called Miasmata. It teaches you how to orient yourself in 3d space using two fixed objects that can be accessed via occasional line of sight. Granted it has a map to work with, but google has one for you.

maybe a compass but thats about it i think… possibly a hand drawn map if the map gets a lot bigger…