Map textures "flickering", tearing

When I walk around my WIP map, sometimes the textures flicker and spaz out. This is the only map this happens on. Every other map and game run fine, in addition to nominal temperatures, so I am convinced that my map is the problem. I made some custom textures for this map, and I was wondering if this could be causing the problem? They appear fine in hammer and in game, but the thumbnail in the texture select panel is all corrupted.

It was hard to take a picture of it glitching, but I got some.



My system: Windows 7 64 Bit RC
Intel C2D E6550
Nvidia 8800GTS 320MB (I’m updating my drivers now)
2GB DDR2 800 Crucial Ballistix Ram

Compiled 15 minutes ago with CSS/EP1 config.

Looks like you are artefacting

Looks like artifacting indeed. Otherwise it looks like 2 brushes are placed in each other.

Otherwise, did you overclock anything? PCIE bus, GFX card itself, issnt you GFX card running too hot (check for dust in the heatsink/fan, issnt the cool paste dryed out?)

Problem solved! The Win7 driver I was using was horrifically outdated. New one works perfectly. Probably also explains why my computer chugged so hard playing Neotokyo and L4D.

Oh this is maybe off topic, but how is windows 7? Got a test disc from my stepdad and I consider to install it…

It’s pretty nice. Quite stable now and it doesn’t hog down performance anywhere near as much as Vista does. You will still find a few drivers and programs that are incompatible, but most of those should be fixed within a month or 2.

How does Vista hog down performance?

Compare idle CPU and RAM usage on Vista to that of XP on the same computer. Then compare Vista to 7.

Yeah i disabled a shitload of services and other cpu burning extra’s. It’s still running like crap. But yeah, DX 10…