Map Thief

Someone uploaded one of my Star Wars maps under his name, saying he made it and such.

Here is my original map:

And here is the stolen duplicate:

Some people just are disgusting…

I despise the people that do this. They can’t take the time to learn how to make maps or models and just re-upload other peoples things just to say they made it.

I’m starting to think we really do need mods for .org

Stealing, reuploading, etc is really annoying

Like I said before, I’d love to be a moderator there.
Then I can get rid of all the warez, re-uploads, and spam.

I would too but I have to many other things to focus on

Everything of value is stolen and uploaded to that site. IF anything, you should be flattered.

Yes imitaion is the highest for of flattery… At least that’s what they say.

Though, I think it’s more important to have my name under something I made without it being really popular, than having someone else suck up all the glory while it’s incredibly popular.
And of course, it’s just disgusting how low some will go for some attention they do not deserve. There’s also the fact that there are now two files with different names of the same map, which is always confusing.

So, call me crazy. But I’m not really flattered.

And yes, could use some agressive moderators.

Edit: Yay the stole version has been deleted :smiley:

I wish we could moderate the site aswell.
Oh well.

That would make things so much better

All done.

Which I was a moderator too, so I can be like a Security Guard on the ORG

One day… Just maybe one day…

For now, just get a big list and email to Garry.

That sucks, but click the link now, I think it’ll cheer you up.


And offtopic: Your map is very accurate, well done.

Yeah I noticed it has been removed.

But that doesn’t seem to be the end of it though. Shotgunguy found another copy of it.
It seems this ignorant idiot has uploaded the stolen version on gmodfiles with the wrong credits! I tried to make an account to post a comment about it but the validation mail doesn’t seem to send. Could anyone with an account there be so kind to make a comment about this? The fact that it’s a stolen version and perhaps a link to the original? Any help would be really appreciated.