.map to .bsp (Porting from Halo)

I am trying to port the level bloodgulch from Halo CE to CSS or GMOD. I know that hammer can open .map files but when I open it with hammer there is an error message. PLEASE HELP! I WANT THIS LEVEL VERY MUCH!

Hammer can only open gldsrc .map filetypes. The halo engine differs significantly from source. The way to do this would be to turn the .map into a standard model format and from there to a .vmf, but it would be hideously butchered in the process. If it was as simple as just opening the map file in hammer you’d have thought it would have been done before now surely.

Just take lots of pictures of the map and rebuild it yourself. Regardless of what method you use to try and extract the geometry, you’ll never end up with anything usable.

The only engine you could possibly port a Halo map to without completely butchering it would be Unreal Engine 3 since that relies heavily on models for the mapping. You could easily get a Halo map in to 3DS Max then chop up the major architecture in to separate models. You would have to do plenty of rebuilding still, but it would be feasible.

But for Source? Not even Halo: CE maps would be easy to port without butchering them, but they’re so low detailed you could easily recreate them. Halo 2 levels were pretty bland as well. Hell even Halo 3 maps could be remade pretty nicely in Source, it’s just that Source’s dated shaders wouldn’t make them look as pretty.

Meh, thats why you do your own shaders

Not enough people utilise this.

I tried to do this a long while ago. You CAN convert it to an obj, then export it to an SMD and compile a model for Source. From there, you would have to rebuild the level with brushwork, which is a huge pain in the ass. Even the simplest of maps can take hours.



Hi there.

That one download you got there is one of the MANY piece of shit things that people have uploaded on garrysmod.org/downloads.
They put halo images on shit that is not even close to it.
Instead of showing images of what it acually looks like.

Those bloodgulch remake maps fail because they do not show sources full capability.
They are not even in the correct size, they are instead like half the size.
Most likely: Noob mapper.

Most of the models uploaded on garrysmod.org/downloads with failed Halo CE ports got images of Halo 3 models instead.
To try to get some downloads on it.
There is some stuff reuploaded of already uploaded maps on there but using Halo 3 ODST map images while they instead are some failed Halo CE map remakes.

Would it be possible to port the bloodgulch into a goldsrc map then port that into source and rip the halo textures with dxripper?

Completely different formats - so essentially no. As others have said - you’d be better of remaking the map.

What are shaders and what do they do?



Just because two files have the same extension doesn’t mean they are the same. The .bsp format probably has 10-20 variations (most would probably be branches of Quake that haven’t been used for years now), but you can’t drop a Quake 2 .bsp into Half-Life 2 and expect it to work. They are different formats, but with the same extension.

Similarly, an XBT texture from Far Cry 2 is nothing more than a DDS texture with a small header attached. If you remove the header and rename the file to .dds, Photoshop can suddenly open the file just fine. What I’m trying to say is that it’s the content of the file that matters, not the file extension attached to the name.

Are you being serious?

Oh god link a wikipedia page explaining shaders.

Halo 2 got all types of shaders making this shitty road texture look like that ingame:



Looks like shit either way! :v:



Shaders are pretty much effects that tells the engine how the texture will look. The shaders are all over hl2, We got Water, Refract, LightMappedGeneric, WorldVertexTransition, VertexLitGeneric, eyes, ect…

It’s not possible to author your own shaders for gmod - is it?

Its possible to make one for any source game.

Somebody made a parallax shader for CS:S and the whole ep1 engine all together. But it doesn’t work anymore because things have be brought up to source engine 2009 :eng99: