Map totally crapped.

Hello all,

I edited a map which was no problem for the first 3 compiles. The map looks perfectly. Then I added soms things. Saved it and started compiling ofcourse it crashed (always happens when I’n editing in jammer too long). So I openend Hammer again and it gave an error. Something with four objects. Painly enough I clicked on the wrong button and said no. I compiled the map and when hammer said he copied the file I opened up gmod, loaded the map and checked it out. But I went crying hard. The map was totally fucked up. And The materials was not updated. So I went back to hammer and tried to find the error making objects, but couldn’t find them. I also let hammer check for errors, but sadly nothing found. I tried to compile the map again but same result. How can I fix this? I worked really hard on the edits. I don’t want it al to be lost. Any ideas how to fix?

How did you obtain the vmf of the original map? If it was decompiled, you basically were screwed from Day 1.

Yes I decompiled it. Edited a bit in Hammer and compiled it. Everything was fine. I was scared for the lightning. But there was no problem at all.

Never decompile maps to edit or change things, the map will mess up really bad. Only decompile maps to look and learn from them.

But I made some changes and compiled it 3 times without any problems. I didn’t think the decompile created the problem. It has to be something I added later.

When I created a map from scratch I had the same problem. I added 3 rounds which act as doors in a group. When I compiled the map the map wasn’t updated. When I reloaded hammer the same question came. I clicked yes and saw the three rounds are deleted. The problem is that I clicked no and now I gave no idea which objects cause this problem

Try saving it under a different name and compiling again. Happened to me earlier, but mine wasn’t decompiled.

I’ll try that soon. I have no access to my computer now.

Decompiled maps are timebombs. I had to decompile a custom map for my community because the vmf got lost and they needed an update. After about 6 compiles, a few major visibility brushes broke and I had to completely rebuild that part of the map.

The community now uses an entirely new map I made but still, just an example.

Load a previous version of your map (assuming you have any).

Mind if I ask why? I’ve decompiled maps before to fix things or add small adjustments and I don’t think I’ve encountered any issues

Pretty much all the maps i decompiled broke, missing brushes lighting and textures. however you can get lucky and the map will not break but that has only happened to me once

But i do think i depends on what map you’re compiling.

Yep. Best way to make sure you have all of the content is to open the BSP with GCFscape and extract everything to their respective folders.

Firstly I extracted all content, put it in a map and linked it to hammer. Then I decompiled the map with SourceBSP. I made a few changes and compiled the map. I took another computer and began checking out the map. It was exactly the Same except the changes I made. I was most scared of the lightning, but even that was exact the Same as the orginal map.

OT: I took an very old autosave and started reworking. But This time better then before. Each compile I make a hardbackup. I’m compiling the First map now. I got the message again of an invalid solid. Clicked yes, checked my changes buy could not find anything what was removed. I’m compiling the map now and I will check it. Thanks for the help though!

I think people do overplay on the “it fucks up maps” to discourage the morally questionable practice of decompiling.

From what I’ve heard though it cuts up brushes more than they need to be and it removes hint brushes which help optimize the map. Combined you might encounter performance issues and micro brushes.

If it worked after decompiling and compiling then its probably something he did which stopped it working.

Ive also heard it frequently offsets brushes from the grid by a very small amount too.

Could wrong placed area portals screw a map?

I changed 2 areaportals Only the width. Whenever I change them they screw the map and the compiled map is just like the last one, only materials appearing and dissapearing when moving trough the map. This was also happened when I started this thread.

I know what happened.

I made a model which causes errors. That’s why the BSP isn’t getting written and the other programs screws the BSP. I’m compiling a new map now and I hope that that one works.


Got the error.

I had an invalid model, which cause vbsp not to finish and write the bsp. The other programs wrote over the bsp and cause it to fail. I removed the model, the bsp is written without any problems and the map works just like I want it. Thank you all for help!

Greets, Darrell!