Map Trading... A good idea?

Let’s face it, we all have loads of unfinished maps that we have abandoned for various reasons. Do you think it would be a good idea if we were to trade our unfinished maps? Now obviously we won’t want to trade a map that we have spent weeks on for a map that has only had a few hours work done on it.

If you think this would be a good idea I could setup a website where you can exchange maps with other FP members.

Your thoughts?

could be pretty solid, actually.
only worry i’d have is theft.

Could work, but Aspen has a point. There would need to be a guarantee that the other person isn’t going to start showing of your work claiming it’s their own.

What Aspen said. But I like the idea in general.

I suppose things like that are up to the mapper, like with Oskutin’s maps.

Most of my unfinished ones are written off as tests, it would take more work to add to it than to start fresh. Also, it would mean people would lose drive to finish a map on thier own.

If you put it up on the site to share it, you can put your info and original uploader + upload date on it so if anyone tries claiming it, you have proof that it’s yours

“WTT unusual surreal map for three non-vintage puzzle maps, trade me”

First thing I thought of. And I must agree, this could be pretty cool for those things you never will finish, so you can see them done in the end.

-stated earlier-

this sounds really good.

id trade someone, but i dont have any decent vmfs at the moment.

Cool, I will setup a small website where you can upload maps to exchange. I will have to give it some thought because you wouldn’t want uploaded maps available to public.

Maybe if I setup a site where you can upload screenshots of your map along with a description. Then others can browse them and then make an offer with a link to there map details. Then the actual exchange of the VMF can take place via email.

Might work - Only thing I fear is that traded maps get copied and distributed numerous times, and thus ending in everyone having his own copy.

they get banned from the site if they leak the vmf to another site or something.

i guess.

True, I guess it would have to go through trust system. User could put in the own terms of use and if any users get caught violating the terms could be flagged or banned. But saying that anyone can easily download a BSP de-compile it change things and upload it as there own.

There is a website similar to this where you can swaps items and that uses a trust system.

remember to make a login from steam + verify the user has any source game and hammer installed.

decompiling is a horrible idea, it messes up everything forever.
on another note: basic rules should allow to upload the finished BSP to any site as long as they give the original mapper credit for the base.

I released all of my vmf’s and no-one stole or claimed them as their own.

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I’ve done something similar. I released three packs of vmf’s and had no problems. I’m probably due for doing two more packs soon.

Do it. I totally like this idea. Go for it man.

I think this would be a pretty awesome idea!

This is a great idea!
I would like it a lot since I always manage to create maps I never get to finish. And I love seeing the works of others, how they map, what their ideas are, how it all is put together.

I am however unsure whether it would be a good idea to create too many safety precautions to prevent map stealing, could make it too bothersome to register and actually use the website properly.

Cause everyone knows what your work looks like. And I don’t think anyone would have the patience to do so. They’ll get overwhelmed with the amount of awesomeness in each map.