Map trailer (ttt)

Just a trailer for a map I made, just kind of threw it together in about an hour for a little promotion or something to get people to play.


Full screen (Watch in 1080p)

Played this with you yesterday.

I have to ask though, [sp]what do the two boxes where you put the cannisters in near the sewers do? I know what the box does behind the showers, but not where the sewers are.[/sp]

They do the same thing as the one behind the normal building. It’s just different spots so people can’t camp it

It brought a tear to my eye


The music was pretty enjoyable

Oh hey, i remember playing this on the TNS TTT server with you.

Nice, I would suggest recording with source recorder, cause i notice there was a little bit of lag idk, just hardly, but i think some SR would do good (definitely goes good with the moving camera)
and at the end, with the camera twist and the tittle, good idea, maybe next time try and keyframe the tittle frame by frame so it dosn’t wiggle/jitter alittle.

but yeah decent vid.

A ttt map inside a concentration camp? Are you kidding me?

Sweet choice of music. Map looked nice to.