Map Tutorial?

I downloaded a map from The Models Resource. How do I put that into GMOD? I know it’s super hard, but I’d like to learn how because I can’t find any tutorials on how to.


Or, in your first garrysmod folder there is another garrysmod folder open that than you wil see maps throw it in there.

Yeah, I already know that. I didn’t download it from, I got it from a site that has models for you to hex/import yourself. Here’s what the folder looks like:

Thank you for the help anyways, though.

That’s not a map, it’s a folder with a bunch of textures in it.

Look for a .bsp file if there is one, that’s a map.

But can’t you turn a bunch of textures into a .bsp file? I mean, that’s how you make maps, right?

Eh haha not exactly… you dont just compile a bunch of pictures and bam get a .bsp map :slight_smile: