Map tutorials???

Hey, I’m just wondering if any of you hve any links to any tutorials that could help me get started on designing my own maps for Gmod, thanks.



This helped me loads when I dabbled in mapping (didn’t pursue it, sadly, have about 5 unfinished maps on my HDD).

Search YouTube, “Hammer editor tutorials” don’t watch 3kliksPhillip’s videos though, they teach bad habits, also try here

Download source SDK from your tools section

then choose the game and source engine

preferebly the CSS version since everyone can use the map.

But watch tutorials first, or you are going to fail big time, and i can only say i hope you keep at it, unlike i did lol.

CSS Engine is outdated now, the 2009 source engine will look alot better, better textures, models.

Is it possible to load a cs:s map in garry’s mod that you have created? Because I don’t have the orange box and I think you need it to setup a garry’s mod configuration in hammer.

If you already have the finished map, you don’t need to make a GMod config, just place the map’s .BSP file in steamapps/username/garrysmod/garrysmod/maps.

All a GMod SDK config does is give you GMod entities such as the physgun and toolgun.

oh ok, thanks