Map Vote Addons? TTT

Alright so this is my very first post, and i hope i put this in the right spot

now that that’s out of the way on to the pressing matter. I have been searching for any simple end of round map voting system but every time i think iv’e got something its some stupid clans forums and they just giggle at each other because they are the only ones that know whats going on. i have searched through all 400 pages of the addons threads on and found only one that works

Here is the link to the one i was using before ( I guess this thread should be in the modding help now… oh well)

The voting system works and all but the config is a little jumbled up and so once you choose a map its gone for ever… So not sure if this is the right place to be saying this but if anyone here knows of a simple TTT end round map voting system that any or all of us could use please link it i would be forever grateful to you

If you have the money I would definitely recommend KMapVote it has many features.

Free or paid? Cause there are quite a few of both

Was looking for a free one, dosen’t have to be too fancy or anything just needs to get the job done so that the players can play the map they want and not just hte default map cycle