Map voting not working

I am having an issue with map voting on my TTT server, I tried to install but it doesn’t seem to be working. It seems ULX and ULib comes with a map vote but I am not sure on how to set it up or if you have to set it up. Sorry if I sound like an idiot but I am VERY new to setting up TTT servers and I am learning as I go. If you can help, I would very much appreciate it.


I found this in my server config, possibly I have it set up wrong:

mapvote_randommaps 		8		(def. 3)
mapvote_oldestmaps 		0		(def. 2)
mapvote_shuffle 		1		(def. 1) 
mapvote_cycle_delay		10		(def. 5)
mapvote_rtv 			1		(def. 1) 
mapvote_rtv_ratio		0.51	(def. 0.66) 
mapvote_rtv_minrounds 	6		(def. 2)
mapvote_rtv_minplayers	2

I am willing to pay if someone can help me out with this and a couple other things. Add me on Steam if you can help me. Name on Steam is TroysaysLOL.