Map W.I.P.: Gerbil_factory (temp name)

Upon the realization of all the mistakes I have made with brushwork and sloppyness, I am scraping this project.

Looks good.

Better than most peoples’ second maps.

However, there are outdoor textures indoors and the factory thing doesn’t have windows.

Yeah. Those both are what I need to work on. I’ll probably clip out some windows, then replace the window’d brick texture with a plain brick.

Thanks for the comment. I replaced the textures on the roof with something more fitting, and I replaced the floor texture indoors.


I would like some more comments…

The HDR is eyeraping.
Turn it off or set it up correctly using env_tonemapcontroller.

The lighting as a whole is poor/too bright/not coloured correctly.

Please note: Lighting is absolutely not final. I will get final lighting done when all the brushwork is done.

Says that in the op.
Thanks for the feedback though. I actually forgot to turn it off.

More comments anyone?

Come on! someone give me a little more suggestions to implement, constructive criticism, any way to improve at all.

Be patient, people don’t look at forums 24/7.

Use a different texture for the outside floor of the map.

Outside is temporary.
I will split up the brushes and texture accordingly depending on whether I do outer displacements or not.

Bring out the support beams on this texture and I’ll like this map more.

I actually scrapped those textures. I am doing a solid brick texture with cutout windows, but that does sound like a good idea. I will try to add it in.

Alright, maybe bevel it so it’s not a hard edge.


14 hours is not long enough to bump a thread in the mapping section.

When taking screenshots, turn everything up full.

Also, as Legend said, add supports to the outter walls.

Everything was on full.
Actually maybe not AA so I’ll take that in account for the next set of shots.

How many units out should I bring the supports?

About 16.


Not about. Exactly 16.



Oh wow.
I only have 3 done but it looks so much better on the side.

Try addding some frames to the doors and windows

Adding those to factory, then the house.