map weapons replacement

theres any way to replace css map weapons such as weapon_ak47 to something else to some swep…
i mean to change the weapons that spawn in the map to another gmod swep that will spawn instead of css map weapons

In the SWEP file that you want to replace AK47s with, run weapons.Register( SWEP, “weapon_ak47” ) at the bottom.

i know that method but i dont want to use it cuze i use csgo swpes from workshop and theyre like 400mb so i dont want them to download 400-500mb from fastdl

theres anyway to lua it?

FastDL only matters to resource files like sounds, models, and materials.

If you changed the lua on the server, you can still use the workshop version on your clients. Lua is sent to the client upon connecting, it doesn’t refer to the versions on the client.

The clients do not use lua from workshopDL addons. That means that you can extract your addon, no matter how big it is, and edit it to your hearts content, and still use resource.AddWorkshop() to make clients download the models and whatnot.
The Lua is ALWAYS used from the server, regardless whether it is a workshop addon or not.

thanks tho… now i know:wow:

Here is what i did for something simmilar back in the day
First i created an inivisble dummy entity, which got the name of the ent (in this case weapon_ak47)
then i looped through all ents with ents.FindByClass, saved the pos in an local, removed the ent and created the new Ent (like weapon_tfa_ak47) on the saved pos.