Map with all physics props in 0 gravity

hey guys, I just need to know how to make a map have 0 gravity for all the physics props, I still want the player to have gravity, just the props and ragdolls to float around. Thanks in advance :smiley:

Encase the entire map in a trigger_gravity brush ent.

it doesnt work for some reason :confused: im not doing anything wrong that I know of.


Not a trigger_gravity.

Trigger_brush ent?

Should that be a trigger_brush function?

Thanks ViralHatred that worked :smiley:

Also works on func_physbox too!

I found this trigger out when creating some complex entity work. It’s a beauty.

Yeah it works great, you helped alot thanks :smiley:

Since my question is related I’ll just ask it here. Does this affect the player as well? Or what would I have to do to make it so?

Yes it will, setting it to 0 motion will seriously ruin your day.

Yes it affects the player, if you choose it to do so.